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Rotisserie Marinade Sauce

We are producers of CHEF MARTINI ® The authentic flavor of Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken. Product with export quality that we are proud of and with "Marca Perú".


Our product is made with the finest ingredients that give that typical and authentic flavor of Peruvian chicken.


Sizes available 195gr, 320gr, 1 Gallon and 5 Gallons.

Lids: Twist.

Available in Glass jars and buckets.

It is ready to use, you don't need to add anything.

Convenience glass jars.

Ready to be exported, Whole Sale and retails.

Ecological Rotisserie Ovens

CHEF MARTINI ® innovative ecological rotisserie oven design, reduces the use of Carbon/Charcoal 50% and minimize use of fuel for its ignition.


Our ovens are stainless steel and NSF/UL certified.


This oven design prevents contamination of the environment and does not generate smoke.


We can build the ovens under your own specifications and measurements for 16 - 32- 48 or more Chickens and deliver to your store door (DDP).

Big saving and great production:


-  Cooking time: 40 minutes. (Conventional ovens use

   over an hour +).

-  Minimum use of carbon: The chamber back wall is

   protected with refractory bricks. It helps to retains

   the heat inside longer and even.

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Premium White Chunk Chicken

Chicken breast or turkey CHEF MARTINI ® in pieces made with only three ingredients.


97% fat free and ready to serve, which gives you 26% of your daily protein needs in a single serving.


Our products meet all specifications and approved for the QaliWarma program.


Assorted sizes also available in 150gr and 170gr.

Lids: Sanitary and/or Easy Open.

All convenience sizes available

Ready to serve.

Packaged in 24 cans per case and large quantities.

Ready for local sales and ready for export.

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Evaporated Whole Milk

CHEF MARTINI ® Made with 100% Pure Cow Milk.


We do not use milk powder or vegetable oils in its preparation.


Homogenized, sterilized and sealed in cans. Our product complies with all health regulations for human consumption


Fat options: 7.5%, 7.8%, 8.1%, 8.6% ó 9%

Special formulation: 7.8% y 8.6% fat (without E407 - Carrageenan).

Lids: Sanitary and easy open.

convenience size: 290gr, 320gr and 410gr.

Ready to serve.

Carton tray wrapped with plastic 48 cans.

Ready to export for Wholesales and retail..

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Whole Fresh Peeled Garlic

CHEF MARTINI ® is top producer of Fresh Peeled Garlic, 100% Natural. Our garlic is Non-GMO product, Pesticide-Free and it is mechanically peeled; ensuring the freshness and taste.


We can supply bulk quantities packaged from 3 lbs plastic bags to 3 tons in heavy duty jumbo bags. We can export to any destination in 20' or 40' containers.

Garlic as the master flavor of any dishes and it contains Allicin, that provides innumerable health benefits which includes and not limited by:

Combating cold and cough

Lowering blood pressure

Prevents neurodegenerative disorders

Helps relieve earaches and intestinal issues

And prevent cancer





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