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CHEF MARTINI® is top producer of Fresh Peeled Garlic, and can supply bulk quantities packaged from 3 lbs plastic bags to 3 tons in heavy duty jumbo bags. We can export to any destination in 20' or 40' containers. Our garlic is Non-GMO product, Pesticide-Free and it is mechanically peeled. Garlic as the master flavor of any dishes and it contains Allicin, that provides innumerable health benefits which includes and not limited by:

FRESH PEELED GARLIC 100% Natural, mechanically peeled whole garlic no additives or preservatives. Ready to use

Conveniently packaged that will save time and offers the best way to have it ready to prepare all kind of dishes. The tedious job of peeling garlic is history. Great package for home or restaurants.

Our large Food grade bulk bags, also known as food grade FIBCs. Polythene lined bags that meets food grade standards are an ideal solution for trasnporting and storing commercial grade ingredients.

Our food grade bulk bags are FDA approved for contact with food made with 100% virgin resins. We can easily place this jumbo bag into 20' or 40' container. Ready to export to any destination.

Chef Martini ® Whole Peeled Garlic

Whole Peeled Garlic CHEF MARTINI®

We harvest, peeled and packaged our Garlic with an strict quality control process, to guaranteed a great product for all our local and international clients. We have an innovative peeling process, using a dry air systems that does not affect the quality of our garlic. Ensuring the freshness and taste. Request a Quote (Here).

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Every dish Starts with CHEF MARTINI® Garlic!

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Cooking with garlic is fun for any type of cook. Whether you like simple and easy cooking; doing some new culinary experiences; or want to cook fresh fish, chicken, turkey, beef or any kind of meet, the results will be always tasty food; Fresh Peeled Garlic CHEF MARTINI® works for you!

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Please let us know the quantity and the packing options. We can provide ExWork, CIF or DDP quotes. Our product will be fresh on Reefer containers all the way.

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