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Rotisserie Ovens Thermo Ecological

Carbon/Charcoal or Gas

This innovative Ecological Oven design CHEF MARTINI ®, reduces the use of Carbon/Charcoal 50% and minimize use of fuel for its ignition. Our ovens are stainless steel and NSF/UL certified.


The tray with the carbon is located laterally behind the rotor with the chickens. Under the rotor with chickens is a tray that receives the fat that falls. In this way, by not having the fat fall directly to the carbon/Charcoal, it avoids the contamination of the skin and meat during its cooking this ensures that the chicken is cooked evenly and in a healthy way.


This oven design prevents contamination of the environment and does not generate smoke. Making it easier to clean and maintain the filters; reducing the accumulation of fat in the exhaust duct and the risk of fires initiated in this area.


We can build the ovens under your own specifications (Carbon/Charcoal or Gas) and capacity for 36 - 40 o 48 Chickens and deliver to your store door (DDP).

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Perfectly Handmade, taking care of every single detail for local and international shipping. We manufacture it with the requested that you dimensions.

Stainless Steel

NSF / UL Certified!

Rotisserie Ovens and Rotisserie Sauce CHEF MARTINI ®   All in one single place!

Ecological and Energy efficient ovens

Built to save cooking time, energy and our environment; this is the perfect solution since our ovens do not cause serious environmental damages, eliminating the pollution caused by conventional ovens that burn charcoal, wood or the gas and electrical ovens that have fumes evacuating system.


Our Thermo Ecological Ovens provides a sustainable and safe way of cooking.


Big saving and great production:


-  Cooking time: 40 minutes. (Conventional ovens use over an hour +).

-  Less use of Electricity: Powered by 1/2 or 1/3 HP Motor.

-  Minimum use of carbon: The chamber back wall is protected with

   refractory bricks. It helps to retains the heat inside longer and even.

-  Completely low fuel: There is a gas torch for coal ignition that is

   used to start up the oven.

Thermo Ecological System:


1. Tray to collects burned fat.

2. Tray to collects recyclable grease.

3. Protection of refractory bricks.

4. Carbon or Charcoal chamber.


The best way to get a perfect flavor:


- Our Ecological Oven...

- Our Exclusive Rotisserie Sauce...

- Your Chicken!


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