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Chef Martini ® Rotisserie Sauce

Our authentic and Exclusive Peruvian Rotisserie sauce "Chef Martini ®" is all you need to get the best flavor of the well know "Pollo a la Brasa". It is here now to prepare it at home or restaurants and to enjoy the best of the Peruvian Cuisine.


We recommend to use 2oz per any 3.5 lb of meat. Marinate it over night or at least 4 hours before prior cooking.


We ensured you that you wont need to add anything else!

Elaborated with fine and fresh ingredients.

Our Rotisserie Sauce doesn't contain:

 * MSG

 * Additives or Artificial colors

 * Nuts or Wheats.

Rotisserie Sauce for all kind of meat

Chef Martini ® Rotisserie Sauce is great for any meat. Perfect for Thanksgiving Turkey, Rotisserie Chicken, Grilled Steak, Pork or Fish. Using all cooking method our rotisserie sauce will bring the perfect flavor to your meat.


To get the perfect Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken just follow the cooking instructions.


If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

Rotisserie Sauce and Ovens

Chef Martini ® Rotisserie Sauce have 4 different presentations:


* Glass Jars - 7oz and 11oz.

* Buckets - 1 Gal. and 5 Gals.


We can produce large quantity and export anywhere.

This innovative ecological oven design, reduces the use of Carbon/Charcoal to a 50% and minimize use of fuel for its ignition.


We can build the ovens under your own specifications and measurements for 16 - 32- 48 or more Chickens and deliver at your store door (DDP). NSF/UL certified!

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